Monday, December 22, 2008

Battenkill-Robaix Registration: Lots of Good Men Shut Out

Battenkill-Robaix is the queen of the American classics. A hardman event. Dirt climbs, loose gravel and hairy dirt/gravel descents. It is like a cross race, you need to fight to stay in front or you will end up behind a crash. But the real race is the race to register. The 150 spots in each feild fill up in under an hour, sometimes in under a quarter of an hour.
A responsible individual became our self appointed registrar earlier this week. He collected all of our info and our money well before the registration time at 7pm last night. He then coordinated the registration of all interested Cambridge riders.
While the rest of us were planning on going to a cycling event, he was literally taking one for the team and staying home hitting refresh over and over again until registration opened and he was able to register our whole team in one fell swoop.
Even with this level of organization and dedication, many of our team members appear at the lower end of the time stamp on when you load the "Confirmed Riders" page while set to sort racers by the date they registered. We almost didn't make the cut!
Normally cat 3 races don't fill up in a single day, this one sold out in a matter of minutes. The two cat 4 fields, 300 riders total, filled in well under an hour, the first fielding inside of 12 minutes.
Sadly, I have more friends on the waitlist for this event than I do in the race.
The whole purpose of this post is to thank Gorgeous Gary Bavolar for taking charge of the situation for CB.

Thanks Gary, we are glad that you are on our team.

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