Friday, December 26, 2008

The Cockroach Rears Its Head--On a Bowl

My sister, who lives in Denver, wanted to know what we wanted for Christmas. I told her that we would like her to make us a bowl to catch all of the cycling junk; lights, tubes, levers, multitools, in other words the stuff that you take on every ride.
She asked me about the design and I told her that my team's mascot is the cockroach. She thought that she was making me a joke gift. She chuckled as she set the roach molds onto her handthrown pot. The bowl was the talk of the pottery studio. The silly potters believed that that I must be mad to want something as disgusting as a roach on a handmade bowl. I can't think of a better Christmas present.
Those of you that have been to our place should note that the colors on the bowl match every room in the condo.

Obviously, this has little to do with cycling. I only posted this because I thought that it was cool. And also, because she is willing to make more of these...

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zipper said...

i see cb racing mugs and utensils and stuff ,,,kip