Thursday, January 29, 2009

PowerCranks Update--Regular 10 Minute Intervals--20 Minutes When I Push

I have been having increasing success with the PC's.  It is fairly easy to keep pedaling for 10 minutes or long at low power output.  I have been keeping my heart rate in what a coach would call base.  If I push through the discomfort, I can now pedal the cranks for 20 minutes straight, which I do at the end of the PC portion of my workout so that I don't burn out early.  


My biggest problem with riding the PC's now is that all of my body weight rests on my saddle when riding them.  Normally when you pedal a bike for long periods, you shift your weight around and stand on the pedals every so often to relieve pressure off of the taint.  With the PC's these maneuvers are close to impossible.  Sitting on the trainer for multiple hours is hard enough on the nether regions under normal conditions.  


I have taken a couple of steps to alleviate the discomfort.  I installed a Turbomatic Saddle on the PC bike.  This is one of my all time favorite saddles.   If I am still experiencing unbearable discomfort next week, I will bring out the big guns and put my Regal on the the PC bike.  

Chamois creme.  Though I think that this is psychological, since the pain is from pressure, not chafing.  Either way, it makes me feels better about the whole thing if  my shorts are "all loaded up" as my father says.  

Lastly, I installed a large chain ring so that I can pedal standing for longer before spinning my biggest gear out.  I have not ridden with the larger chainring yet; I will report on its effect next week.  


While I am struggling with the PC's less, I still don't feel faster.  Once I get my second Powertap harness and sensor, I start testing power output with the PC's.  


C-BOMB said...

Bring on the data!

zack said...

Same with one legged intervals, god your grundle hurts so much. One legged drills on the rollers are even worse when you have no place to rest your leg and take off at least a bit of the weight.