Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photos of the Wilier Alp d'Huez

In the discipline of bicycle photography, Yasushi Katsumi is my mentor and prime influence. For your edification and as an homage to the mighty Japanese cyclocross racer, I offer you gratuitously detailed photos of my track bike, the Wilier Alp d' Huez. I don't expect my photos to approach the same level of detail and execution as my mentor's but I do hope that I provide a sufficient homage.


C-BOMB said...

That is some hours bro! You will be killin' the 3's! Hopefully Kyler will do some leadouts, because lord knows, I won't be able to!

RMM said...

Actually, it will likely be the other way around, me leading the Kyler out.

Yash Katsumi said...

If you could change the color combo to perhaps incorporate less yellow and perhaps more Neon Green or tan, I think this bike could be the Ultimate.

Red and yellow is so 1999.(Saeco)

Yash Katsumi said...

Pretty awesome bike though.

Years ago, I won a Casati track bike for $400 new. That thing was awesome, but totally inappropriate for the streets of Baltimore.

S Davis said...

*Begin Bike-snobbery*


*Bike-snobbery complete*

RMM said...
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RMM said...


I have a Chris King headset that I will install before track season.


The frame has yellow accents, so the accent colors on the accessories need to stay with that theme, otherwise the bike will look like it was haphazardly coordinated.
I would rather that it look dated than like I put no thought into the color scheme.

Yash Katsumi said...

Dude, explore a little.

Matching the yellow of your components to the yellow accents on your bicycle frame is what a junior high school art student would do.

Try a color that is diametrically opposite of yellow or something. Anything but yellow!!!!

pedalstrike said...

sweeeeet bike!

next time you go to lenox, def go to bev's ice cream - i used to spend my summers out there :)

but really, that bike is too awesome for words!

RMM said...

I feel privileged to race it.