Monday, February 9, 2009

Product Review: Greyhound Juice Embrocation--It Comes in Second Place

I like Greyhound Juice, only not as much as I like Mad Alchemy. Before Mad Alchemy was released last year, GJ was the benchmark that I measured other embrocation against. I have used it for 3 seasons and have always been able to rely on it to make my legs impervious to wet and cold.

Greyhound Juice comes in a stick, reminiscent of a deoderent stick (There are urban legends of tired and/or hung over cyclists that mistake the embrocation stick for deoderant and sear their armpits).

In theory, application should be easier and less messy than other embrocations, since you spread it via hand held applicator. In reality it is impossible to get an even application without massaging GJ in. Proper application of GJ ends up taking longer than application of other embrocations, because you apply it and then massage it in, while with liquid, gel or pasty embro, application and massage are part of the same step.

Furthermore, since the Embroction becomes more liquid as you spread it, the hot oil has a tendency to migrate onto where the cap goes. Then the cap pushes that excess embrocation down onto the applicator handle, thus negating the benefit of having the embrocation spread on via stick, since nor you will get your hands in the misplaced hot oil. While care may be used to prevent this, when you loan your stick to you sloppy team mate Joe, is he going to be careful? Notice in the photo below the small amount of GJ squirting out of the cap on the left hand side:

GJ smells medicinal, or like a spiced tea that your aunt who does lots of crafts would serve you at her potpurri smelling house. Though I am not normally a fan of scented body care products, I find the smell appealing and appropriate. Non-cyclists may find it a little strange, but will they be in the winning break with you?

There are three levels of heat available: Warm Weather, Original, and Super Strength. If you are new to embrocation, the Super Strength may be too much. The Original will get you through most occasions, providing steady warmth and a pleasant tingle. I have found the Warm Weather to be perfect for rainy days when the temperatures are between 55 and 70. The original is great to use on cool days under knee warmers. All three provide pleasant warmth that will increase in the presence of moisture. Dialing in which intensity is right for your body in a given set of conditions takes experimentation. One thing though, even the super strength is not hot enough for bare legged winter riding.

GJ stays where you put it. After a 5 hour ride in New England run off, this stuff will still be in place and still warming the muscles.

While I have become a dedicated Mad Alchemy user, I still have a little leftover GJ in the medicine cabinet. I will use it up over the late winter and early spring. I want to be clear, GJ is a good product, only Mad Alchemy is better.

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