Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Battenkill Pre-Ride Report

James Morrison of Embrocation Racing rode the new Battenkill course last weekend.   James took 4th in the cat 3 race last year.  

I found his write up useful, check it out here.  Or if you prefer cut and paste:


Anonymous said...

Under what circumstance would someone prefer to cut and paste?

RMM said...

Old school users. For instance, I need to cut and paste on my Apple IIe. On my Commodore 64, I can not even follow a link.

Anonymous said...

you should try HyperLink on your C64, links work.

RMM said...

Are you sure? I mean in place of a CD or disk drive there is an external cassette tape drive to save info on. There is no mouse. I use my TV as a monitor.

MetaCyclist said...

Holy crap, that was terrifying. I log in to this blog and see my face! I thought maybe RMM was calling out a hit for a second.

RMM said...


Many of my readers don't know you yet. But since you were around NE for cross, I figure that many of them have seen you, but haven't put your face with your name.

So I figure that now they know what you look like, they can thank you personally for the advice when they run into you.

Also, I don't blindside anyone or talk trash behind anyone's back. If I am going to slam someone on the Internets or gossip, they have ample warning beforehand, usually in person. I recall that you have been present for one or more of these uncomfortable conversations.

MetaCyclist said...

Oh, hey. I'm cool with it. I just thought it was funny to see my own mug staring at me...

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