Friday, April 3, 2009 Is a Go--Like Self-Googling, Only More Satisfying

From the same people who brought you
I haven't poked around the site too much yet, but I know that Mr. Reuter has been tinkering with this for some time now.  
I am glad that this is live, since I was losing hours every day hitting "Refresh" on and having nothing happen.

Colin assures me that many of the problems inherent in road results have been or will be addressed soon.  Namely, team results- if you finish 30 seconds back after leading your teammate out for a top five, there will be a note next to the result indicating a high team mate result.  

Also results will be broken down into road races and criteriums, so that we can geek out even further over who to watch in different kinds of races.  As we know there are specialists even at our level, so now you can figure out when you need to heed an attack or allow it to sputter out on its own.  

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