Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alley Cat Race--Saturday August 22nd--Katamari-Cat--Another Discipline of Race to Loose

If you are reading this, chances are you like to race bicycles. My friends Jason at Superb and the one and only Rob Gigantic are putting this event on.

Start is here, at 1pm on Saturday August 22nd. Organizers say that you'll be wanting a bag for the race, which indicates that you may be required to carry something at some point. You are not required to ride a fixed gear, though I'd suggest riding your "B" bike or even your "C" bike. Registration is a very reasonable $5, no USAC, UCI or other license required. Also no course marshals. And you won't know the "route" until the checkpoints are announced. Both speed and intelligence are required to do well.

Generally there are prizes for alleycats, and if I hear anything, I'll repost in order to tempt you into racing.

Other reports hint that there may be some track stand competitions along with tricks and skids. BBQ is rumored as well.

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