Sunday, October 18, 2009

Party with the Cool Kids: Superb’s Grand Opening Party

My friend Jason over at Superb is having a grand opening party after a long and thorough remodeling/rebranding. His shop is closely affiliated with Cambridge Bicycles, in fact Superb is CB’s high end branch.

Jason knows how to throw a party. The last party of his I attended was huge, taking over the entire basement of a block long building, complete with DJ’s, beer sponsors, BoldSprints and complete cycling mayhem.

I’d expect beer, DJ’s, dancing and some fashionably dressed urbanites. In his press release he mentions the chance to “fraternize with Boston’s cycling elite” at the party. He certainly doesn’t mean me, but that may refer to you. Either way, you should check out the party.

This will be the hottest cycling event, outside of races, for weeks, perhaps month to come. Wear your “going out’ clothes and not you Lycra (unless of course you wear Lycra when going out).

I will be there, though I may have to head home early to rest up for the New Gloucester Verge race the following day.