Friday, October 2, 2009

A Post Where I have Nothing Negative to Say

I am aware that I sometimes say things that are offensive or that rub people the wrong way. This is part of my charm. Sort of like Gorgeous Gary, except less lovable and without any cutting edge hair situations.

Today, I have nothing controversial to say. So, if you are here get pissed and then post a comment, move on.

Last night Natasha and I went to the MM Racing party, her as photographer and me as reluctant guest. I say reluctant, because by Thursday nights I am beat. I usually go to bed right after school and have been known to sleep almost straight though the night.

As always the party was great. It was filled with important cycling personalities and friends. And as always, the cupcakes were ridiculously good.

I won an awesome pair of Mavic Fury mtb shoes. Seriously. I got $20 worth of raffle tickets and won something that I actually need and want (my Sidi Dragons are showing their weaknesses).

Sure I won the raffle, but that's not why I am posting. I am posting to point out how incredible Matt and Mo really are. Here's the backstory: Natasha has a new Igleheart frame and didn't have a build kit ready. Money is tight so she considered waiting to build it (she wouldn't let me buy her any parts).

So even with all of the confusion of getting their party together, organizing one of the best cycling raffles on the East Coast (do they even do raffles out west?), planning to dominate Gloucester this coming weekend, even with their day jobs going full force, Matt and Mo assembled a build kit out of their parts shed and just gave it to Natasha.

Over email Matt told me that it was a Rival build, but it only had one Rival part that I could see. Matt tried to point out that everything is used, but all of it is gleaming and looks newer than even Kyler's build. We're talking everything through cabling and cable hangers here, tires even. Matt even called Butch to get a 165 mm crank.

Mo is racing at the highest level of cyclocross. Matt is PRO like no one you know. Yet they care that my little wife has a build kit to put on her new frame. I'm tearing up just writing about their consideration and thoughtfulness, never mind their generosity.

Obviously Natasha and I have thanked you already. And we will thank you again this weekend. Natasha will thank you by slaying the women's B race on your drivetrain. But again thank you. Your generosity left Natasha speechless and she may or may not have been crying on the car ride home.

Thank you.


ringcycles said...

Mo and Matt are absolutely the bestest. Happy that Tasha got a great new ride out of their goodness.

RMM said...

Matt and Mo's good karma runs strong and deep.

Yash Katsumi said...

Those guys are awesome. I haven't met Mo, but Matt is awesome, and he seems to know a great deal about lawn-balls.

Susan said...

Word, well said, see you on the inside of a turn this week end.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you got my female avitar, Susan is Matt Budd on the housemates computer.

Anonymous said...

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