Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Geekhouse is Having a Party: Middlesex Lounge November 23rd 7pm—Dude-Thirty

Before this season, I believed that no one could design a kit more hideous than Mario Cipollini’s skinsuit.

Marty over at Geekhouse has raised the bar by outfitting his team in clown suits with bikes to match. New England take notice: there is a new benchmark for outrageous cycling clothing.

Appearances aside, I love the Geekhouse Factory team. While I sometimes have trouble taking them seriously when they are wearing their racing outfits, I have a tremendous amount of respect for these guys and can’t wait to formally congratulate them at their upcoming party.

Put on your dancing shoes, and your neon clothing and join Geekhouse in celebrating a highly successful season. Knowing Marty Walsh and the rest of the team, I can guarantee that this will be a good time.