Thursday, November 12, 2009

Race Announcement: Shedd Park—Come Humiliate Me in Front of My Family!

As you may have heard, CB is helping BRC put on the Shedd Park race this year. Since I grew up in and around Lowell, I consider this my hometown race. Most of my season’s training is targeted around dominating this race. I will be doing the Elite race, provided 9 other riders register.

I am hereby inviting you to come and take my lunch money in front of my entire family. While some of my readers are friendly, I am realistic enough to know that many of you hate me. So here’s your chance to trounce me at a race that actually matters. Also, my family will likely heckle me while you do it, which should add to your pleasure.

Additionally, I will be announcing all of the lower category races in pro style.


Lauren said...

Not your *entire* family... but I'll do my best to heckle from afar.

Dave M. said...

Lauren, I can heckle enough for the both of us.

Matt said...

I'd like to get approval to set up the Gentle Giant Speed Stairs to provide a fun distraction for racer's kids and try to entice some challengers at the race. I haven't heard anything back e-mailing to BRC's general mailbox and want to see if this can be a possibility so I can get my permitting and liability wavers to any concerned parties before the weekend. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if you have a contact that would better for me to talk to about this. The Speedstairs work great as a viewing platform for race announcers, photographers, and the general public as well as being a one of a kind novelty at your event.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are able to help out.

Matt Budd

Anonymous said...

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