Thursday, March 18, 2010

CycleLoft and Co Comment on the “Transition” at NEV

I sort of thought that this was more a PR sheet than an explanation, but perhaps you will read it and disagree.

If you take the time to follow the link, I encourage you to leave a comment. I did.


Anonymous said...

no more comment for you....

Anonymous said...

no more comment for you...

RMM said...


What the hell does that even mean?

mike said...

wow. you left a well-worded, articulate comment. cycle lofts response was to remove it and disable all further comments.

strike two, loft.

zencycle said...

I think what anony mous is trying to say is "hello, my name is kurt. I don't like what you wrote on my blog so I removed it, and I'm not listening to anyone else either. (fingers in ears) LALALALALALALAL"

I read what you wrote yesterday before they took it down. It was excellent. Perhaps you could recreate it and post it here? It won't be exact, but I'm sure it will be close enough. If you look real hard, you may even find it stored in some browser history folder on your PC.

Anonymous said...

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