Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wells Needs you this Saturday—Bring a Broom and a Shovel—Saturday March 26 8:30am

I love racing at Wells. Especially early season Wells. The early season Wells Ave A race is like a who’s who of Boston area bike racing. VIP and celebrity racers such as Jazzy Adam Myerson, Mark “The Shark” McCormack, Colin H. Murphy and Justin Spinelli often show up so that us mortals can test our metal against near gods.

Dramatic, perhaps. But seriously Wells in March is when racers of all categories get to see how their training is going in relation to others in both their category and other categories as well.

As many of you know, Wells has been canceled the past 2 weeks in a row because of debris and sand in the road. It is likely to be cancelled again this week if YOU do not come and help clean up.

So here’s the rub: a conglomeration of local racers have organized an effort to help BRC clean up Wells Ave. We are meeting at parking lot where BRC normally holds registration. We are arriving at 8:30 am and plan on working until the job is done.


Please bring shovels, brooms wheelbarrows and leaf blowers (including extras).

There is long road ride shaping up after the clean up, so bring your bike and some courage too.

I hope to see you out there.

Unfortunately, I will not see you at Wells on Sunday because I will be getting my a** handed to me at Marblehead.


JClev said...

FYI - last I heard, BRC is holding their official clean-up at 11am on Sat, not sure if you want to coordinate or not. Regardless, thanks for organizing a supplemental crew for this.

Dave said...

Thanks for the call. Can't wait to get this race going, but obviously there's been a lot of work to do after the nasty winter. I'll be there to help out.

Chris said...

JClev - 11AM might be too late and I let BRC know. We were at Wells Ave at 10AM last Saturday and the problem areas were PACKED with cars. 11AM also impacts riding for the day.

Anonymous said...

TimJ said...

You should post this on gary!'s blog since he gets more readership.

I will say this is far better use of this space than bashing other teams though. Not that the normal tone is likely to stop but the short break is a relief regardless.

Mitchy Mitch said...

Agreed: better use of this space than team bashing. I like the new direction.

RMM said...


Last time I checked, this was my personal blog where I share my opinions about issues in local competitive cycling.

I write this blog for my friends' entertainment (what few I have). Since neither Mitch nor TimJ are friends of mine, I could care less about what they think of my blog or the opinions expressed on it.

That said, I hope to meet them both at the Wells cleanup, since the cycling community needs all the help they can get to make this race happen.

Mitchy Mitch said...

Lighten up, Francis. This is on the Internet -- hardly private.

TimJ said...

I'll be there on Saturday, Mike. Even though you don't consider me a friend and you apparently don't particularly like me reading your personal blog.

Jclev said...

Since BRC has changed their official clean-up to 8:30 to coordinate with you, I've posted a notice on the 545 forum with hopes that we can provide some additional manpower for this. I personally won't be there due to a fresh case of strep, which I'm hoping to recover from enough to race Marblehead.

TimJ said...

I'm going to go ahead and give JClev props for representing the 545 crew. Mike handed out some crappy opinions of what appears to have been a one-day exposure to 545 (in a previous post) and JClev brushed it off and rose above the low comments.

Without focusing on the obvious negatives from Mike I'll instead say that JClev and 545 seem nothing like what was indicated here on this blog. And I'll still be there tomorrow at Wells.

Michael said...

Hey Now:

No one said that 545 weren't good community members.

And thanks to all who came out...We can all rest easy knowing that Wells will be happening while we race our Spring Classics.