Monday, April 18, 2011

"Race" Report: Marathon Route Foolishness 2011

I am the dude in the white.

We rode f'n hard. 26.2 miles in under 51 minutes. It hurt bad.

2 Green Line Velo riders (including Sam Rosenholtz) got a gap in the final 5 miles and we reeled them in with a brutally fast and dangerous chase down Commonwealth Ave in Brighton and continuing up Beacon right into the Back Bay. Rosenholtz tried to declare that he had "won" the "race" right before we caught him at Marlboro St.

We were having none of it. The brave railed it through the final 2 corners and stomped it to the real finish line. A GLV rider and I tied for first in a full on sprint on a cleared and partitioned Boylston St.

At the end of the video, you'll see me laughing at the guy who declares himself winner. He was the dude who tied me. Excerpted from the video is the earlier part of the conversation where we both say that the race was a tie between the two of us. That is why I am cackling.


TimJ said...

That video doesn't show anyone wearing white, nor does it show anyone riding a bike.

gary! said...

dude deserved to get laughed at

Anonymous said...

You averaged 30+mph?

RMM said...

I didn't time the ride, I was going on someone else's info. So 30mph may be correct, or maybe not.


1. We had a stiff tailwind the entire way home

2. The Marathon Route is almost all downhill.

3. There were 20-30 dudes on the front attacking and working together to keep the pace very high

Sam Rosenholtz said...

I think I had decided I won because I was unwilling to admit I had failed to drop you assholes... and we missed the turn... and you caught us. Also, I wasn't about to sprint at the wall of policemen... you are a better man than I.

RMM said...


The original agreement was "race until the end or when we get pulled off the course, whichever comes first."

If you had more complete control over the camera and its edits and over what people said on the internet, you would have "won," at least on "paper." But there were too many witnesses to your attempt at declaring yourself the winner before we were pulled off the course.

I was actually in disbelief that you declared yourself the winner; I assumed that you were joking. I was even more shocked when you tried to perpetuate the falsehood after the fact and on camera.

I have the feeling that you may have learned a thing or two about the internet during this whole ordeal.

And let's keep it in perspective, this ride was super fun no matter who "won."

TimJ said...

This is the link to the video we're all discussing here.