Thursday, December 18, 2008

Product Review: Friction Freedom Chamois Cream-RMM Likes It!

I have used Assos Chamois Creme religiously since my first saddle sore. I always liked the cool tingle when I first applied it. My friend and fellow blogger, Yasushi, says that the Assos is like "a thousand tiny angels gently licking my..." I am sure that you get the picture.
Until recently, I have been 100% satisfied with Assos. Then they changed the formula. It is now slightly blue, when before if was like warm butter on the verge of liquefying.

The new blend feels lighter, almost emulsified, like a whipped Crisco frosting with a dab of blue food coloring added. I have used a tub of the new blend and I was not happy with it. I branched out and tried Paceline's Chamios Butt'r and even Udderly Smooth. Both of them were not even as good as the new Assos, let alone the old stuff. I did not try DZ-Nuts, as it seemed undignified. In fact all of the above reference some objectionable or moderately offensive reference to a body in the title. I refuse to use a hygiene product whose name I can't say in front of my mother.
Recently Belgium Knee Warmers gave a positive review to Friction Freedom Chamois Cream. I emailed the FFCC rep in AZ and she sent me some samples. FFCC were super polite and have been very quick to respond to my inquiries.
The samples arrived well packed and promptly. I got three "individual" packets.
The creme smells slightly medicinal, but pleasant. It has a little menthol, but not nearly as much as old Assos. It has a thick consistancy, like butter, but butter at a slightly cold room temp. Also, it was somewhat clumpy, but smoothed well.

I found that the single use packet had enough creme for more than one use, perhaps two whole uses if used conservatively. I opted to use the whole portion on my first try, since I knew that I would not be riding again for a few days.

Upon pulling up my shorts, I experienced a slight tingle, not as much as the old Assos, but pleasant and reassuring. The angels are there protecting you.
BKW commented that the creme remained in place. I concur. I believe that the thicker texture lends the creme the body to remain where it is put, even in the case of vigorous use and excessive sweating.

After three hours in the saddle, I was comfortable. In fact, I didn't think about my saddle, my chamois or anything else in that region during my entire 3.5 hour ride. When I got home and inpected my chamois for residue, I found that the Friction Freedom was right where I put it (I will spare you the picture of my dirty chamois).
I like this chamois creme. It stays where you put it and lasts. It allows you to think about your ride instead of your...
This is a new product and is not available locally yet. Hopefully someone will get on it (I am inquiring if they will allow my wife to sell it on her website).
I will offer an addendum to this review in January once I have had a chance to do some epic rides while using it. I fully expect this creme to live up to my high expectations.


Yash Katsumi said...

I will have to tell you that Shane was the one who would always say that Assos Chamois cream "Is like a thousand angels kissing your bum." I liked that description so much, I have been using it elsewhere in life as well.

RMM said...

I am glad that you credit him. I will change the post to reflect this new information.

zack said...

WTF, friction freedom only sent me two packets.

Even though its clean, there is something mildly disturbing looking at pictures of your cream-applied chamois.

Eric Silva said...

That's a lot of chamois creme.