Sunday, December 14, 2008

PVB Shirts Are Almost Gone!

There has been a groundswell of enthusiasm for The PVB. Within seconds of releasing the PVB, every electronic device that I own started chirping. Cary Fridrich had the honor of purchasing the first shirt (he lives nearby). At the Ice Weasels Cometh (report to follow), PVB fans swarmed us with fistfuls of money. So many people were wearing the shirt that Pierre's female companion was somewhat confused and impressed.
PPP and EBTI have been overwhelmed by the response. We are so ecstatic that we have been able to successfully honor the great PVB!
If you want one of these, act quickly, sizes are running out; quantities are seriously limited. But we do have a few stashed for select VIP's who have been out of town for Nationals.

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