Thursday, December 4, 2008

RMM to Host BoldSprints at Middlesex Sunday 12/7/08

Apparently, I have been doing an adequate job at MCing BoldSprints as I have been invited to MC this huge event at Middlesex this coming Sunday.   I am more than a little intimidated, as there will be moderately famous DJ's, serious sponsors and lots of movers and shakers in the cycling community.  Honestly, I was sceptical at first, but I now excited about it.  
I plan on racing in the alley cat as well, provided that my cold has subsided.  This will be my first alley cat and I expect to get beaten by cute little girls.  
Fortunately, the overall standings will be determined by the poker hand the cards that you collected at the checkpoints make up.  Even if you are last through the checkpoint, you get a card.  And even an idiot knows 4 dueces beats 3 aces.
There will be door prizes and there are substantiated rumors of free beer for all competitors, so bring a bike MF'er!  
There are also less substiated internet rumors of 100 Boloco burritos at the end the night (can the internet confirm or deny?)  So go ahead and race til you puke.  
If you are one of the readers of this blog, both of you should cancel your Sunday night television watching and come to the event.  

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Anonymous said...

100 free Chipotle burritos: CONFIRMED