Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Week Planned

I realize that I haven't updated very frequently recently. If I have nothing to say, I don't post BS just to post.

This post is BS though. I have a few great posts in the pipeline this week that I want to announce beforehand, sort of like a teaser. All three are actually in the draft stage:

1. Review of Mad Alchemy PRO Chamois Creme

2. First impression of the Fuji SLM 2.0 mtb bike

3. An overview of local cycling teams--including: team culture, team tactics, who is the strongman, how you join, how they support riders.

4. Updates on the quest for organization in my bike room.

Check back soon for real posts.


pedalstrike said...

thanks for the teaser.

i'll be clicking "refresh" for the next however many hours...

Shane said...

I am excited about bike room organization! My girlfriend doesn't really like the fact that a 10 speed is hanging over the heads of our dinner guests at the table...

RMM said...

I spent many years cleaning drive trains in the kitchen sink and reassembling parts at the dining room table.

Roommates and female companions were constantly scolding me for the little grease turds that ended up Embedded in the floor no matter how careful I was.

I feel lucky to have left all of that behind.

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