Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pictures of My Independent Fabrication Steel Crown Jewel

When I was messing with my PowerTap today I realized that I have never posted pics of my sweetness on this blog.

The bike is not super clean, it has the training wheels and I am rocking mountain pedals until my Sidis get fixed. But you can get the idea of how I roll.

When race season arrives, I should have a new white saddle, white tires and new bartape.


pedalstrike said...


i was about to ask you, too, what you ride when you race.

also, white tires + saddle = fast

i am in total envy (as usual).

RMM said...


Riding a "fast," flamboyant bike forces me to train so that I can back it up.

Also, the bike matches the CB kits.

MetaCyclist said...

That bike rocks, but it's Independent Fabrication, singular, not plural.

I'll also be getting one of those in the coming months, I think.

RMM said...


I always try to pluralize singular names. Thanks for pointing that out.

leahpb said...

thank you for correcting the spelling, i was hesitant to be the one to say something.
we should start a white IF club!

hoon said...

white. bad ass.

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