Friday, March 27, 2009

New Bike in the Stable: Fuji SLM 2.0

I have been making room in the stable and in the budget for a race worthy mountain bike.   One of our team sponsors, Fuji, was offering this awesome carbon hardtail at a great price, so I snapped one up. 

Obviously the full XT parts spec, the wet white Ritchey bits, and the 22 lb built weight (actual with pedals) and the fancy fork with pop lock  helped push me in the direction of this bike.  

Initially, I was sceptical of getting a carbon fiber XC frame as my first foray into carbon frames, but after talking to enough experienced riders, it seems like a solid frame.  

Better pics and product reviews to follow. 


Gary said...

you're down to one road race a weekend because you got a mountain bike? hmmm

RMM said...


Every summer I become burned out on road racing a little after Fitchburg. This year, instead of racing while in the slump, I plan on switching gears and doing some offroad racing to prepare for cross. But don't worry, I road racing is still my passion, so I won't check out entirely.

Also, I am broke this year, so I am racing a reduced schedule anyway, mostly Saturday races with Wells on Sundays.

I am hoping that the gains in bike handling and coming into cross season fresh will lead to improvements in performance.

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