Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RMM and His First Alleycat: This Friday

My friends at Cambridge Bicycle are putting on this alleycat this coming Friday. Normally, I have nothing to do with such events, as the thought of chaotic racing in traffic fills me with...it just makes me feel old. I start thinking about insurance, lawsuits, liability, legal ramifications, potential criminal proceedings.

But Jason (DJ Mayhem Jason, not the hockey mask psycho) personally invited me to race and I can't really refuse a challenge like that, can I? How could I respect myself as a competitive cyclist if I did?

Jason hopes that a few more competitive cyclists will show up and throw down.

Consider this post as your invitation; I have been assured you will be treated like one of the cool kids if you tell the organizers that I sent you.

Also, note that the prize list is better than what we get at most USAC races.


Jason said...

And don't forget about the "underground" afterparty with bold sprints, shits going to be insane

Drew said...

I'll have to pass on that one. For same reason I don't go to boldsprints. No disrespect to Jason, but it's the tunes.

Jordan said...

I'll be continuing my one arm boldsprinting tirade!

RMM said...


Maybe if you brought your burlesque record to the party, he'd play it.

Drew said...

That's a damn good idea.