Monday, March 2, 2009

RMM Wins His First Cycling Event of 2009

PedalStrike had a contest for the best bicycle related Valantine's Day story. I wrote a cute little synopsis of my love's V-Day. Our winning story is here: PedalStrike Contest

PedalStrike, named Kaiko in the real world, makes some very pretty and functional cycling caps. She is also a super nice person. 

Kaiko usually has a few caps available at Cambridge Bicycle, but they sell out quickly (there are a couple currently in stock). You can contact her directly through her blog to see if you can convince her to make you a custom cap. She was recently featured on trackasaurus and seems to be a little overwhelmed with her newfound fame.

I feel honored to have won, but since I am afraid that this is the last cycling event that I will win this year, I am hopping up on the trainer immediately to bang out some intervals.


pedalstrike said...

congrats again!

and you're going to try winning the freddy v. jason race too, right?

RMM said...

Though I am a seasoned urban cyclist and have even briefly worked as a bicycle messenger, I have never raced an alley cat.

I do not think that I will win, but I should be able to ride my bicycle faster than most.

I am not able to ride a race for "participation," either I am trying to win, helping someone win or I am watching.

So we will see.