Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things I Want: A Basket Bike

As you all know, I ride my ride my bike alot.   I train, I race, I commute and I run errands.  I have a bicycle for each race discipline as well as a winter training bike.  My commuter is my beloved Team Fuji that was formerly a road race bike and has been converted to a fixed gear.  

In recent monthes, I have noticed that I am riding my commuter much more slowly than I used to when doing errands.  In fact, I get dropped by my little woman whenever we are riding somewhere together.  I simply don't feel the need to dash in and out of traffic if I am only riding a short distance.  

My commuter is set up to ride fast.  It has bullhorn handlebars that put me in a fairly aerodynamic position and 46 x 16 gearing, which comes out to about 75 gear inches.  In short, this bike is great for fixed gear training and fine for long commutes, but it is simply unacceptable for riding slowly around town.

I have been considering this problem for some time.  My solution is to find an upright 3 speed for my around town use.  

I am thinking fenders, baskets and balloon tires.   You know, the kind of bike that you'd expect your aunt Gertrude to ride, if she were to ride a bicycle.  

If you know of anyone who has such a bike that would fit me, send them my way.  

Oh, and as a preemptive measure, I already got a "shopper" for the little lady so perhaps she will stop dropping me on the way to the movies.  


pedalstrike said...

your lady is FAST! i had a hard time keeping up with her when she took photos of me. (okay, that and i'm slow)

here's another bike to consider. i think the "rechargable freezer" is a must.

RMM said...

She only has one speed, FAST. Its like there is a switch, either on or off with her, no dimmer for pastry and coffee rides.
I arrive to every movie and party gasping for air when we ride together.

nixie the mighty said...

hahah i support this decision! as you remember i am attempting to turn my COOL track bike into an internally geared cruiser because my knee is just getting waaay to grumpy these days! dude and keep an eye on craigslist for one of these beasts. working at cb i can tell you there are at least 200+ of these bikes in the cambridge area alone!