Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cyclocross in August?

The Accelerated Cure Series has posted thier dates for the 2009 season. The series has expanded to 4 races, 2 of them in August. You may remember the first race in this series last year was in August, Blunt Park. I raced Blunt Park last year and enjoyed it. My 5th place result, combined with my OK results at the other 2 races in the series allowed me to place 3rd in the series, yeilding about $80 and untold glory.

I am posting, not to promote the series, but to ask a question: Is mid-August too early for cyclocross? I am wondering if the sweet pain that is cyclocross is diluting itself by overspreading its traditional season. Deep thinker and cycling philosopher PVB has been heard saying that New England cyclocross begins with Suckerbrook in mid-September. What do you think?

I should clarify that I am not chastizing the organizers of this great local series. In order to successfully put on a cross race in New England, you must tip toe around the increasingly demanding Verge schedule which will balloon to 12 races in 2009. Considering that there are other well established regional races (Canton Cup, Suckerbrook) to contend with as well, this leaves precious little time on the race calendar to introduce a new race, let alone a series.

Part of me wants to race these August races because the diluted fields allow hacks like me to pull down decent results (and I was able to beat Bailey at Blunt Park). The other half of me wants to shun these races since they are bleeding outside of the traditional boundries of the cyclocross season. No one would put on a road race in mid November and if they did, none of us would show up.

Rosey has come down in favor of these race, Holmes taunted me last year when I opted to attend Blunt Park instead of getting thrashed on the 6 gaps ride, Yash raced with me in 2008, the little woman just likes bike racing and PVB is clearly against these dates. I am curious what everyone else thinks.


pvb said...

My best race last year was in Londonderry, NH pre-Sucker Brook (I think). It was all DH after that.

RMM said...

The early season races allow us working stiffs (I loosely apply that term to myself) to put a whipping on the even less serious amongst us.

So does this mean that the mighty PVB is considering in racing cross in August?

Cary said...

I shun these early season races. Cyclocross in August is an oxymoron. I agree with pvb, suckerbrook is the official start in NE. REAL CX is Gloucester, NoHo, Sterling, NBX, etc. Cyclocross would also be way less awesome if races were held 12 months out of the year. Don't dilute it.

RMM said...

Cary's remarks just seconds my assertion that the pre season races are the hacks' chance to shine, the fast guys shun those events.

Colin R said...

Recently upgraded to "elite scrub," my main goal this season is to have some non-embarassing finishes in UCI races. My best chance of this is at the end of the season when the fast people are starting to get burnt out from starting the season in March. Thus... no August racing for me, gotta peak late!

RMM said...


I disagree. Most serious UCI riders peak near the end of the season since they are on their way to Europe to fill the "elite scrub" that you plan on occupying domestically.

If I were you, I'd concentrate on slaying Green Mountain so that you can get some points early on.

Colin R said...

RMM: No one i have a chance of beating goes to Europe. Vermont is a BS power course, NBX is much more my style. Sticking with the late peak.

Plus, callups are based on UCI points, not Verge, so pulling off a 25th in Vermont (1 verge point!) is still a back row callup in Gloucester.

RMM said...


I will be sure to print extra medals for you. I am making: "Nice Try", "Better Luck Next Time" and "Certificate of Participation"

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