Friday, June 26, 2009

Photos of an Attack

Croth captured this series of photos at the track last week. The photos illustrate some of the great features of bicycle racing: an attack, a counter attack, a chase group, sitting in on a chase, and the results (the finish line is just outside of the frame in the last photo).

One of the great things about track racing is that the strageties and patterns that take hours to play out in a road race and tens of minutes in a criterium, play out in mere minutes and seconds on the track. There is no time to think, there is barely time to act.

Dan Butler is the rider in Blue, Brooke O' Connor is the female in red who bridges to Dan, I am the CB black and white kit on the red bike, Nick Machburn is my teammate in B and W on the ivory bike, Colin H. Murphy is my good friend (though he is not acting like it in this race) in the yellow kit, and the two red kitted riders are Jay Francis and Barry Greenburg.

Instead of telling you the story in words, I will allow you to interpret the photos.