Wednesday, November 17, 2010

David Wilcox and the T Shirt Project

I have known David Wilcox for 6-7 years. When I first met him, he was the kindly shop manager of the pre-move/renovation Bikes Not Bombs who helped me remove a seized lockring from my fixed gear commuter, free of charge (it required inhuman strength and special tools). While I was volunteering with the BNB youth program, David was always around, patient, interested and helpful.

A couple of years later, David resumed his bicycle racing career and joined my team, Cambridge Bicycles. I had the privilege of racing with David, as teammates, for 2 seasons. I took every opportunity to pre-ride mountain bike and cyclocross courses with David, discussing lines, tire selection, equipment and tactics. While my growth as a racer has been slow (I am not getting faster), David has made amazing progress every season. He has become noticeably faster on the bike and more tactically savvy every year. His bike handling has always been excellent.

Though David has moved on from my team (without any hard feelings, only disappointment), I still consider him a teammate, a confidant, a moral bellweather, a friend and an all around stand up guy.

I happen to live 4 doors down from Broadway Bicycle School, where David works. The presence of BBC and all of David's help factored into my decision to buy my condo. Whenever me or one of my friends (1, 2, 3) has a vexing mechanical issue that we can't work out at my workspace, we haul the broken pieces of the bike 4 doors down for David to deal with. He has never failed me.

I am not alone in my unabashed love for David. I have never, and I mean never, met anyone who had a single bad thing to say about him. David's kindness can be disarming. The fact that a decent, softspoken gentleman like David gets so much respect in the competitive cycling community speaks volumes about us. Applause.

Oh, did I mention that David is fast? God Damned fast. Like he sold his soul to the devil fast. And nice. He'll shout genuine words of encouragement even as he is breaking you on twisty section of single track. He'll compliment you on a great race after he put minutes into you. He'll cheer for you when you launch a foolhardy attack against him.


I love David. I am sure that you do too. As an homage, I got a photo, wrote "I Heart Wilcox" under it:

I then had the graphic printed on American Apparel T shirts (men's and women's). The shirts are for sale for $18. $2 from every shirt purchased through me goes directly to Bikes Not Bombs Youth Programs.

I will be at most of the upcoming races (Lowell, BayState, NBX, Ice Weasels).

You can also contact me via email to arrange mail order (rmckittr at g mail dot com).

I printed a limited run and there are a variety of color options, so getting to me sooner rather than later is advised.

Also there is a very limited number of American Apparel TriBlend shirts (50% cotton, 25% rayon, 25% poly). They are softer and awesomer. Also more expensive, $22. Also these are almost gone.


I feel great about the project. Even if you don't buy a shirt, I hope that the shirts bring a smile to your face. I smile every time that I see them.

Very special thanks to Wei Wei Lin of Superb for offering her design services to this project. She is looking for design work, so if you need an able designer I can put you in touch.

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