Sunday, November 14, 2010

Geekhouse is Having a Party this Monday Night and RMM is Crashing It.

It has been a big week for parties for me to ruin with my sullen moods and my judgmental, negative comments. But the best party for me to bring down is happening at the Middlesex Lounge this Monday night.

Last year the Geekhouse party had the most interesting culture clash in cycling. Hipsters mingled and drank, while stunned, uptight roadies silently held up the walls, while sipping water and gawking. Personally, I was surprised that the roadies made it past the wall of cigarette smokers in front of the building, but roadies will walk many miles in order to suffer.

No matter your cycling stripe, the Geekhouse Annual CX party is a highlight of the cycling party circuit, so put on your best skinsuit or your too-skinny jeans and join us as we celebrate a great cyclocross season with the worst dressed team in cyclocross.

Whether you attend or not, please congratulate Marty Walsh (the chief Geek) on his first season of cyclocross. He'll be the dude with the bushy mustache surrounded by pretty young women. Marty overcame longstanding injury to have a successful first season of cyclocross racing.


Vanzetti King Kog said...

bigtime congrats to marty on this season, i'm looking forward to this party. and who says racers who take racing seriously can't also enjoy skinny jeans & designer beers?

RMM said...

Did anyone say that one who drinks beer and likes to wear girly jeans can't race well?