Saturday, February 12, 2011

CB is Promoting a BIG Stage Race: The Giro de Fred

Well, maybe its not quite a race. But it is an event. While this will compete for cycling traffic with my new favorite website, , if Ryan Kelly sucks up enough, I may be able to arrange a webcam feed of the event. How bout comping my upcoming banner ad big guy?

I am getting ahead of myself. The Giro de Fred is an indoor stage race that will take place at the Bikes Not Bombs Hub at 6:30 am on Tuesday February 15th. The promoter will be using a video from TheSufferFest, CB's newest sponsor. I wish that my day job didn't start so early in the am, or else I'd be there kicking ass and taking names.

In order to race you will need a bike,

a trainer, $5 to donate to Bikes Not Bombs and perhaps a towel and some water.

I have it on good information that GG Bavolar will be in attendance.

Either way, you should get your lazy self to JP and sip the sweet nectar of victory.


Ryan said...

You could have just been like "Yo, I want to do this thing on your site."

But yeah, that should work-ish.

gary! said...

i still don't get this rollercam... is it like a chatroulette for people you're already friends with, minus the dicks?