Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Georgia Death...er...Training Camp Update

So as many of you know, my team mate Matt Wheatley and I drove down to Georgia to hook up with the Cyclonauts to ride ourselves inside out in preparation for the upcoming spring campaign.

Instead of boring you with details about rides and climbs, I'll just say that I have ridden 3 days in a row and have none of the rides have been under 3000 kilojoules, or under 7000 feet of climbing or under 80 miles.

As for the camp, the level of organization is reminiscent of the military. Mike Norton has all of the routes in his Garmin. Acting like a general, when Norton says a ride rolls out at 9am, everyone is clipped in at 8:59 yelling for the last guy to get his shit together. Groceries and meals run smoothly with all of us sharing cooking and cleaning duties. In other words, we are keeping it tight.

Here's some pictures:

I played poker the night before the trip hoping to win enough to pay for gas for the trip. I only earned 1 tank out of 3 or 4. I felt like a failure.

We left Friday after I got out of school and drove straight to Georgia. I knew I was in the South when I saw this.

Then I considered ordering this for dinner

We arrived at the house and I set up shop. This is my bedroom dresser.

There was climbing. Not pictured is a gloating, victorious Mike Norton who rode us off his wheel on the climb.

Signs like this are all over the South. Notice that the hikers are shot multiple times.

This should give you some idea of the kind of riding we are doing down here.

I am trying to talk Mike Cavros into allowing me to post some of helmet cam videos he has taken. Hopefully he complies, as there are some great descents...


gary! said...

mike norton rode you off on a climb? doesn't he have atleast 50lbs on you and mat?

Anonymous said...

"victorious Mike Norton who rode us off his wheel on the climb."

Not sure what is worse the fact that Norton dropped you on a climb or the fact you admitted it.